7 Classic Films That Would be Ruined by Technology

7 Classic Films That Would be Ruined by Technology

There are many films that can, nowadays, make us sigh in disbelief. Why didnt they call the police? Or why didnt they just pick up the phone? Of course, this may be an option now, but you need to remember that back in the day, email or iPads werent the norm (or even invented) and so wouldnt influence the outcome of the films plot. Whats the fun in that, though? If youre someone who likes to pick holes in films, then this article is for you. Here are 7 classic films that technology would well and truly ruin.


Lets skip to the part of the movie when Prince Charming is left with Cinderellas shoe. Rather than walk the streets trying to find Cinderella, Prince Charming would be able to post a status on Facebook and Twitter, and due to his celebrity status, have his post going viral. Of course, Cinderella would also have her own social media accounts, and would, therefore, see his post.

The Breakfast Club

Technology has, apparently, made us an unsociable bunch. When faced with detention with a bunch of people they dont like, rather than start a conversation, they wouldve plugged into their smartphones and watched Netflix or listened to Spotify instead. 8 hours in detention would have been a breeze for The Rebel, The Jock, The Nerd, The Princess and The Outcast.

Ferris Buellers Day Off

Social media would be Ferris Buellers downfall. Remember when hes singing on a float in the middle of the city? That would have been captured on countless smartphones and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube before going viral. With Ferriss need for being in the limelight, he would have been his own worst enemy, and possibly have uploaded his own status, too.

Mrs. Doubtfire

How no one figured our Mrs. Doubtfires true self is beyond many people, but with thanks to nanny cams and how predominant they are in family homes, Mrs. Doubtfires disguise would have been ruined sooner rather than later. Daniels elaborate plan wouldnt have lasted long.

16 Candles

Samantha isnt excited about her impending 16th birthday, but to make matters worse, no one remembers her birthday. Of course, everyone who is connected with Samantha on Facebook would have been sent a reminder that it is her birthday. SunLife have highlighted this issue modern technology would cause, along with other classics such as Psycho and Titanic.


Banning music would be extremely difficult, with the likes of iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube being easy ways to stream music on their phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Its hard to ban music without getting rid of the whole internet.

Pretty Woman

In Pretty Woman, Edward and Vivian would never have met with todays technology. Instead of pulling over to ask for directions, Edward would have looked up directions or typed in the ZIP code of his destination before leaving his house. Theres not a chance he would have gotten lost with Google Maps.