5 Up and Coming Clubs in Houston

5 Up and Coming Clubs in Houston

Texas does everything big, from partying to nightclubs.  If you’re in H-Town and itching for something fun to do some night, where the crowds haven’t swamped it already, here are five up and coming clubs to thrill you!

1 Numbers

If you’re eager to kick your night off with a live band, and a lot of attitude, it’s time to check out Numbers.  With an endless selection of live performances, every single night at Numbers is unique.  Like most things in Houston, Numbers makes the most use of its little space; from outside, you wouldn’t believe how large the dancefloor is.  The drink selection is above what you’d expect, and dedicated to making sure you have the most fun you can have in a night.

2 Barbarella

This club has something for everyone in town.  Although it’s not new to the scene, Barbarella is an up and coming bar that makes a statement.  A large screen over the dance floor plays videos along with the music, so you can feel a little retro fun from dancing along with the musicians.  Offering themed nights from the ’80s to drag, Barbarella is a great example of what makes Houston what it is.  Dancing is nonstop, and with the incredible rooftop patio dance floor, you’ll want to spend the whole night twirling and dancing under the stars. 

3 Reflect

Located on Dahlia, this club lives up to every Houston ideal.  Tucked away in a loft space, Reflect has almost as many incredible drinks as it has views.  Started up in December of 2019, Reflect is already proving itself to be a powerhouse in the Texas partying scene.  Available for private parties, along with its regular working hours, this club is multipurpose in its unique and fun way.  If you don’t have plans yet, you’d be making a mistake not to fill them with this intimate club. 

4 Bauhaus

Dancing is the main event for this club.  Bauhaus hosts the most extensive array of Houston club DJs while offering up some of the best food and drinks in the city.  A cover charge of $15 is nothing compared to the way you’ll be dancing and moving through the night.  Offering private events as well, Bauhaus will let you celebrate however you want to, as long as you can keep up with their incredible energy.

5 Club Tropicana

If you want to be inspired to get up and dance, Tropicana has the beats and music to get your body in motion.  Serving up hot Latin beats, and smooth tunes, this club has everything to make your heart and mind race.  Although it’s already an established club, new life has gotten breathed into it with themed nights that will have you ready to get out there and show off.  Tucked inside an unassuming strip mall, don’t pass this club up just because it’s easy to miss at first glance- it’s not easy to forget.

Clubbing in Houston can be incredible, regardless of where you end up, but make sure to check out these five incredible clubs to make the most of your night.