5 Tweaks To Help You With Your Diet And Weight Loss

5 Tweaks To Help You With Your Diet And Weight Loss

Brushing Teeth

Brushing your teeth after lunch not only keeps your teeth clean and healthy, it is great for getting rid of that craving for sweet food such as chocolate and cakes! You know that funny taste you get right after you have brushed your teeth and put food in your mouth? This will put you off eating anymore.

Don’t put it in the trolley

Try just not putting bad foods into your shopping trolley! If you want to snack, have some chicken wings (with the skin cut off) in your fridge. Or try some chopped up fruit. You can’t eat what isn’t there.

Mix it up

Making up a salad to take to work every day? Yeah it can get pretty boring! However, try mixing things up. Add different ingredience and try new things. Don’t automatically thing…”I don’t like that”. It can take up to 8 tries of something to find out if you really like it or not.

Shopping hungry

Just don’t do it! Going shopping for your food shop when you are hungry is a recipe for disaster! You will buy more food, snack on the way down the aisles and all sorts! Try to be full and take your time, check labels and make sure that you are making the right choices!

Don’t deprive yourself

Trying to take-away all food that you deem to be bad for you is a sure fire way to binge your way through a full box of biscuits. Have one or two now and again, don’t feel bad. Go for a walk later that day if you insist on feeling guilty about it.

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