5 Things You Need to Know about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

5 Things You Need to Know about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

There are a lot of modern fitness routines available today. You just have to find the one that fits you. All of us have different preferences when it comes to fitness routines. If you dont have enough time to spend in the gym or you prefer doing fitness exercises at home, the high intensity interval training might work best for you. Here are 5 important facts you need to know about HIIT.

1. HIIT is an effective fat-burning method

High intensity interval training is effective in burning fat as it combines muscle fatigue and maximum oxygen use. This combination helps in burning more fat in the least possible time. The key in doing HIIT is that you take up any exercise routine that you know but do it really quickly over a shorter period of time. You can take short rests in between and then go back to the intense training again. This is how you ensure that even if you push your body to the limits, you dont pass out or easily give up.

2. HIIT can make use of any exercise technique

There are no specific workout routines required for HIIT. As long as you can just follow the process where you do an intense training, take a rest for a few seconds before you go back to the intense training again, it can quality as HIIT. You can go for boxing, jumping rope, rowing or even swimming. You can also try outdoor sprinting or HIIT cycling sprints. Sprint workouts are one of the most popular choices though since they are effective for both fat loss and muscle growth. As long as you are doing it right and you really give it all during the workout part of the process, you have nothing to worry about.

3. For people always on the go, this is the best workout for you

The good thing about HIIT is that it allows you to gain the same benefits for an hour of workout in less than half the time. This is why if you are always busy and you have to spend more time working, you can easily squeeze in a few minutes for working out. You can even do it at home. In just 15-25 minutes, your workout routine will be over. There was also a study released in 2011 showing that just 2 weeks of high intensity training is equivalent to 6 weeks of endurance training. You can only imagine what this technique does to your body in a small amount of time.

4. HIIT allows your body to be in a workout mode even if you are done

This is also another reason why you should try HIIT. The intensity of the training allows your body to keep burning calories for the next 24 hours. Thus, even if you have only spent 15 minutes for the training, you get maximum results. Yes, it might be uncomfortable during the process. You will feel like you are going to vomit your heart. However, the moment you get used to it, you wont feel tired or uneasy doing the intense workouts anymore. Heres another bonus. If you love cycling and you do the HIIT version of it, in just 2 weeks, you can go back to your normal cycling routine and be able to travel even longer distances.

5. HIIT can be an equipment-free workout routine

Though you can apply HIIT to biking, rowing and jump roping, you dont have to. In fact, you can choose exercises that dont require you to use any equipment at all. Techniques like high knees or fast feet can be done even without equipment. They are also as effective as those with equipment or even better. For instance, in using dumbbells, your focus is on increasing your biceps muscle mass. Without dumbbells, your sole focus is on pushing your heart to the maximum. This makes it even better.

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