5 reasons to visit Mauritius

5 reasons to visit Mauritius

Image credit: Ludovic Lubeigt on Flickr

Colonized by the Dutch, later by the French and finally independent in 1968, Mauritius is an interesting island just east of Madagascar. Valleys, tea- and sugarcane plantations, coastal villages and lively colorful towns, there are so many things to see and do, thrilling all kinds of travelers. Just make sure to keep your hearts safe, cause this island is a little heart-stealer! Here are 5 reasons to visit Mauritius:

1. Still a gem

Mauritius is still stunningly beautiful, unspoiled by mass tourism and it is all the more reason to visit the island now, as soon as you can. With an abundance of space, gorgeous beaches and bays, raw tropical nature, colonial heritage towns, moderate temperature and amazing wildlife, there are just too many things to see and do in Mauritius. No matter who you are and what you are looking for, you are bound to find it here.

2. Blend of exotic cultures

Mauritius is a multicultural island with a long, interesting history. The majority of the island is Hindu, but there are also Christians and Muslims, all living together in perfect harmony. It is very common in Mauritius to find religious monuments and buildings of different ethnics on the same street. The blend of African, Indian, Chinese and French people is unique. Creole is the main language, a French-based language infused with African, Asian and English elements. The people are generally heartwarming, welcoming island visitors with big smiles. One reason alone to travel to Mauritius!

3. Amazing food

Thanks to the unique blend of people living on Mauritius Island, the food is one of the most diverse in the world. French haute-cuisine meets Indian curries with flatbreads, Chinese dumplings and African fusion food. It is one big paradise for foodie addicts and those into street food cultures. Wander around the traditional markets and try a little bit of everything. Itll make your day!

4. Worlds only place where the Dodo bird once roamed

The existence of the Dodo was almost mystical at some point in history, but this giant flightless bird really did roam the island of Mauritius for centuries until its extinction in the 17th century, when more and more people and animals arrived at the island by boat. During your stay in Mauritius, youll be strolling on the same grounds as the Dodo bird used to walk on. You can also visit the Dodo Museum in Port Louis and learn more about this endemic Mauritian bird.

5. Villas at prices you wont believe

Being a hidden gem of Africa, Mauritius is still a very affordable holiday destination island, too. You can rent a private villa by the beach, allowing you to live the true, tropical island life in the exclusive company of your loved ones. There are villas in all corners of the island, suitable for travelers on all budgets. Stay in a luxurious villa with a private swimming pool in the garden, or in a charming and cozy traditional family home. There is something for everyone!


Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder.com