5 Reasons To Dance Your Way To Fitness

5 Reasons To Dance Your Way To Fitness

Many people think of working out as a difficult, painful, and sweaty journey. This is one of the reasons why people stop their attempts at working out and why people dont even want to try working out at all.

Instead of working out, people attempt to work on their diet instead; which is fine. But, working ONLY on your diet isnt going to cut it. No matter what type of fad diet you feel like trying out, South Beach, Paleo, etc, it wont work if you dont couple it with a good round of exercises.

And no, diets plus any food supplements or herbal drinks you intend on taking do not make up for any lack of exercise at all.

  1. We Naturally Move To The Music

Even when people who say that they dont have any rhythm or are not fond of dancing, were all compelled to move, and even bop their heads to any type of beat. According to music and sports researcher, Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., tapping your feet or moving to the beat is an instinctive response.And this isnt just for people, birds and bees use dance to communicate.
Since were already hardwired to move along with the music, using dance as a workout is certainly more effortless than doing other forms of exercises.

  1. Dancing Strengthens Your Heart

A study in Circulations: Heart Failure showed that people who had certain cardiac conditions and danced for about 20 minutes three times a week found that their heart health improved much better compared to people who did other traditional workouts. This is because there’s an improvement in cardiac efficiency and strength.

It is also the same reason why athletes have a lower heart rate while playing or competing in their respective sports. The rhythmic movement of the body through exercise and dance contributes to a higher rate of blood circulation which gets the heart pumping. Over time, with regular practice, the cardiovascular system starts adapting to working at higher beats per minute, which helps build endurance and resilience.

  1. Save Your Mind, Stay Happy

Dancing releases an great flow of chemicals that improve your mood and overall makeup. This means that your mental state gets elevated. In fact, all it takes is one really good dance session to fight any thoughts and feelings of depression. It works better than just hanging out on the couch and listening to happy upbeat music.

Dancing also helps improve your memory, and, of course, coordination. This makes dancers less likely to give in to different types of brain disease. A study by the New England Journal Of Medicine, observed people do 11 different types of physical activities and discovered that dancing lowered the risk of dementia by 76 percent; a huge number, and the only one of the eleven types to actually be able to do it.

  1. Burns A Ton Of Calories

While dancing is not one of the most traditional exercises that people like to do, its still incredibly effective. One popular form of dancing exercises is zumba. Zumba is something thats become wildly popular. And for good reason. Imagine burning 250 calories in 30 minutes by having fun and moving your body to the beat.

  1. So Many Types Of Dances To Choose From

The greatest thing about dancing is the fact that there are so many types for you to choose from. So no matter what it is youre into, theres always something for you to dance and lose weight to. There are also some good ones that can cater to any type of fitness goal or dancing experience. For example, if youre all about burning calories, like I said, Zumba does that very well. If you want to improve on your strength and feel sexy, try pole dancing. And if youre all about feeling happy and bonding with your partner, sign up for swing dancing.

Picking A Style

If youre a bit inexperienced and not sure which style to pursue, figure out the following:

  • Reason for dancing: fitness, flexibility, or coordination
  • Lessons: group, with a partner, or on your own
  • Do you need to have private lessons?
  • Are you dancing to compete?

Once youre able to answer those questions, the next thing that you need to consider is the type of dance that youre going to be doing. Theres zumba, hip hop, tap dancing, square dancing, ballet, jazz, pole dancing, belly dancing, salsa, and just so much more.

And once youve decided, you need to head over to a doctor, get a check up, and tell them what youre intending on doing. This is important, especially if you have a particular medical condition, are over 40, and are overweight. Then, youre going to need to remember to do a couple of things:

  1. Wear layers. This way you can take off the layers as you get warmer.
  2. Make sure to warm up and stretch before you begin a session.
  3. Before, during, and after.
  4. If youre just starting, make sure to remember not to push yourself too hard right away.
  5. If youre doing technical dancing, go over your form with your dance instructor to make sure that youre doing it right.
  6. Find out which shoes are right for your dance style.
  7. Give yourself time to take a look at how each move is done before trying them out.
  8. Try to move as gracefully and fluidly as you can.
  9. Give yourself time to rest in between dances and sessions.
  10. Dont forget to cool down.

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