5 of the best exercises for joint pain

5 of the best exercises for joint pain

If you suffer from joint pain and are struggling to find an exercise that suits you, then follow our guide to getting active again. There are a few things to remember when doing any of these exercises, including making sure to warm up properly and doing a range of workouts to prevent overuse injury. Switching up how you workout prevents you putting too much pressure on one part of your body. Make sure to alternate between upper and lower body exercises, too.

Try Yoga
Yoga is becoming massively popular across a whole range of age groups and fitness levels, and it is particularly good for those with joint pain. This is because Yoga is a low impact exercise that builds up your core and muscle strength. If your muscles are stronger, there will undoubtedly be less strain on your joints. Yoga will gradually improve flexibility and your range of motion, and according to the NHS, it is popular with people suffering from arthritis as it can reduce pain and mobility problems. Yoga also improves balance and strength of weaker joints such as ankles or knees.

Join a Pilates class
Like Yoga, Pilates makes you more aware of your body and improves your mental as well as your physical state. Pilates also improves joint mobility and builds muscles that are prone to injury. If you join a class and inform your teacher of your restrictions, they will be able to tailor aspects of the workout to you, informing you which positions you should adapt to suit you.

Get out and about
Walking sounds like an overly simple solution but it really will help. Getting out and power walking for a minimum for 30 minutes a day improve your joints by building strength, and it is also beneficial to your heart health and mental state.

Take up cycling
Cycling is a good alternative to running as the motion is smoother, as the impact is not so jolting. Start on a stationary bike in the gym for minimal impact before moving outdoors. You could even attend a spin class to really get your heartbeat going!

Go swimming
Swimming is the perfect way to stretch and soothe your muscles while working out. It is also recommended for people recovering from an injury as the water will support you as you exercise. Start gently and gradually build up how much you do before perhaps joining an aerobics class. The Arthritis Foundation promotes water walking which can improve balance and range of motion, and classes are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are unsure about any aspect of these exercises than consult your doctor or see a personal trainer for advice. You could also attend a boot camp, such as Prestige Boot Camp where expert trainers can offer tailor made programmes, adapted to meet your specific needs.