5 Benefits of Dental Implants

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can be a really scary time. You may not know your options for fixing the issue and be uncertain of where you can go to get the problem solved. Dental implants are the best option for tooth loss by far. They replicate your other teeth and even act and feel like them too. Keep reading to understand more about the benefits of dental implants.

  1. Look and feel like natural teeth

Implants are created to look like your existing teeth and fit in place as though it was one of your own. You wouldnt be able to tell the difference between the dental implant and your actual tooth just by looking at it.

  1. Permanent Stability and comfort

Dental implants are fitted to the jaw, meaning they offer you the full stability as the rest of teeth do. They are also extremely comfortable you wont even notice that its not a real tooth!

  1. Dont come loose or fall out

Another great thing about implants being fitted and fused directly to your jaw is that they dont come loose or fall out. This means that you dont need to worry about them falling out as you may worry about with dentures.

  1. Can last a very long time

If you look after them correctly, dental implants can last a very long time. Regular check-ups can help keep them in good shape as well a good oral hygiene routine.

  1. Prevent aging bone loss from tooth loss

When you experience tooth loss, your jaw reacts to the gap in your teeth. Teeth stimulate the jaw bone and keep it healthy but losing a tooth can stop this from happening and cause your jaw to recede.

Dental implants prevent jaw bone loss by fusing to the jaw and keeping it healthy and stimulated.

Dental implants are the perfect solution to tooth loss. They look like teeth, are permanently fixed and help keep your jaw healthy. To book your appointment in Stockport with 32 Whites get in touch with them through their website or give them a call on: 01613184570