5 Awesome Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Varicose Veins

5 Awesome Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Varicose Veins

Most people hide varicose veins by wearing a pair of tights or wearing long skirts all the time. While these blue veins are not comfortable to deal with, there are several ways to treat them rather than cover them up with clothing. Varicose veins or spider veins are veins, which dilate because of poor blood circulation in your body. Sometimes they cluster close to the skin surface mostly around calves and thighs. It is a prevalent problem, which can cause inflammation, clotting, pain, throbbing, tingling, and heaviness in the legs. In some cases, these also form lumps, and visibly bulging veins become a major concern for most people.

According to a report from the US Department of Health and Human Service, one in four women and one in ten men are affected by varicose veins. The most common causes of their occurrence are heredity, standing for prolonged periods without changing your position, obesity, birth control pills and hormonal changes, which occur during pregnancy, puberty and menopause.

Treatment of varicose veins depends from patient to patient. Most people just need home treatment to reduce the appearance of spider veins, prevent their occurrence in other parts of the body and reduce chances of complications like inflammation and bleeding. If the symptoms are more severe like blood clots or skin disorders because of spider veins, then you should opt for a medical procedure like treating your varicosities with Varithena. Although medical procedures can cure the existing spider veins completely, it doesnt mean that they can stop these from appearing elsewhere on your body.

Medical and surgical methods for treatment of varicose veins can be quite expensive. Here are five home remedies you can follow to reduce the appearance of varicose veins (and they are cost effective too):

  1. Applying makeup
  2. Using bronze tan
  3. Wearing compression stockings
  4. Increasing blood circulation in your body
  5. Daily habits

1. Makeup methods


Carefully applying make up for treatment of varicose veins can work wonders. It is a quick fix to lighten or eliminate the appearance of these spider veins. Using a cosmetic concealer can make your skin look flawless. Follow these steps to cover up your varicose veins using makeup-

  • Step 1: Spread sunless tanning lotion on your legs and rub it evenly. Allow it to dry completely before you move onto the next step.
  • Step 2: Use body makeup that closely matches your skin tone and then apply it on the varicose veins. You can use your hands or a makeup sponge to apply it evenly. Dab the makeup well so that it blends perfectly with your skin.
  • Step 3: Use a waterproof concealer, a little lighter than the body makeup and dab it until the concealer or the veins become invisible.

Make sure you dont over do it, or you may draw attention to the affected areas!

2. Bronze Tan


Tanning can contribute a lot to the visual appearance of your skin. It can help in reducing the appearance of varicose veins. This is also a quick fix method you can do yourself. You can use a self-tanning product and cover them up. Although you just need to cover the areas that need covering, applying evenly is important so that the tan doesnt stand out. Let the product dry completely. Use twice or thrice a week to maintain the color and hide varicose veins.

3. Wearing compression stockings


Experts believe that wearing compression stockings helps improve blood circulation by squeezing your legs all day. They gradually contribute to reducing varicose veins and stop them from developing further. They are easy to slip into, are comfortable to wear and come in a variety of colors so you can easily pair them with your favorite dresses.

4. Increasing blood circulation in your body


Improving blood circulation in your body, especially legs, plays a crucial role in getting rid of varicose veins. This solution is a long term one and can be achieved easily by following some of these home remedies.

  • Apple cider vinegar is a cleanser and improves blood circulation. When blood flows naturally in your body, the swelling and heaviness caused by varicose get cured to a great extent.
  • Add equal parts of olive oil and vitamin E and warm it a bit. Massaging the affected areas with this can help reduce inflammation and pain as it improves blood circulation. Do it twice daily for one or two months.
  • Have more spicy meals. Include ginger, cayenne, and garlic in your diet, and it will break down fibrin, the hard lumpy stuff around your varicose veins and reduce their appearance quickly.
  • Take more antioxidants for maintaining healthier veins. Also increasing intake of citrus based fruits help to reduce spider veins.

5. Making changes in daily habits


Experts believe that making subtle changes in everyday habits like how long you stand or how you place your feet while resting can help significantly in retaining blood circulation and reducing the presence of varicose veins. These are some changes you can make in your habits to get rid of spider veins:

  • Exercise even if it means doing low-intensity work like taking a walk or doing light household work
  • Elevate your legs while sitting
  • Dont stand for too long in the same position. If your job requires you to stand for long periods, change positions to improve blood circulation
  • Elevate your feet while sleeping by placing a pillow beneath your feet. This regulates blood flow and eases off pressure on your legs

If these home remedies dont cure your varicose veins, you can consult a medical practitioner for Varithena. It is the only FDA approved, injectable foam, which is minimally invasive and doesnt require any surgery. It treats the following type of varicose veins:

  • Tortuous (twisted) veins
  • Veins above and below the knee
  • Veins with small, medium, and large diameters
  • Veins previously treated with other methods

The doctor injects a small amount of Varithena foam into the affected vein. The malfunctioning vein collapses, and blood then regulates through other healthier veins. The process doesnt take long and provides fast recovery time.