5 Alternative Reasons to Take Up Bodybuilding

5 Alternative Reasons to Take Up Bodybuilding

You probably think that bodybuilders work out only to become huge and strong. And those two things are the main motives of 90% of bodybuilders out there. Getting big and becoming strong. These reasons are fine but is that all there is to the whole bodybuilding experience? Are there any other perks of getting big? Lets take a look!

Confidence issue

If you were looking for an alternative reason to start building muscle, this one will probably be it. Even though its alternative, many take up bodybuilding with the aim of improving their self confidence. And bodybuilding will do just that. You will walk around feeling strong and good about your looks. When you look in the mirror, youll be satisfied with what you see. And thats how you boost your own confidence. Everyone else will be dumbstruck when you walk by. Youll notice how people admire your body. Youll feel good.

Special clothes

Youre probably wondering what clothes have to do with bodybuilding. How does that influence your opinion on bodybuilding and how will that make you take up this thing? Well, listen to this. We are all still a form of animals and as such, we want to be the meanest, biggest ape in the jungle. How can we achieve that? We can do that by lifting weights. And this instinct, this beastly instinct manifests itself when we shop for suits. Being big and strong gets you the privilege to walk past the smaller, weedier males that instantly feel weak and astonished in front of you. When looking for fresh bodybuilding clothing garments, you have to find your own gigantic size. And once you hit the gym in that tank top, you can bet your buck that everyone will be looking. Perplexed or petrified, thats not your problem. You grab attention!

Good way to relieve stress

As time goes by, we all get stressed out more often. And life nowadays simply forces us to deal with annoying people and annoying situations. You go to work, you get stressed. You commute, you get stressed. Your boss is angry, guess what you get stressed because of your boss mistakes. Thats what a busy lifestyle is all about. And rare are the ones who can evade it. However, why not take up bodybuilding and relieve yourself of all that stress that is certainly not good for you? When you start hitting weights, you feel powerful, you bash it all out and get rid of every single gram of stress. And you become big. And your boss will probably think twice the next time they decide to lecture you.

More food for you at family events

Oh yeah, youll eat more than everyone else. And prepare yourself for a few Oh we better get an extra joint of beef for our Ronnie Coleman here. And it feels good. Dominate your family events, you wont be annoyed by their comments, actually it will all make you laugh. And remember, when youre tucking into your fifth helping of lasagna, you are the real winner there. No one else but you. You are the one who needs proteins and energy for the workouts. The more you exercise, the more youll have to eat. And that is a good feeling.

Think ahead

Exercising, building muscle and becoming stronger will benefit you greatly in long term. We all age, we all become weak and that is inevitable. However, if you take up bodybuilding, you might be able to do something about that. You know, most people aged 30 and over are out of shape. They all have beer bellies and are overweight. Of course, they arent attractive but whats more important, they are prone to become weak faster. If you build muscle, you can rest assured that you wont share their fate. Even if your workouts become less intense as the time goes, you will still have an edge over others. Especially over your non-bodybuilding contemporaries. In the long term, you are the winner. You dont want to walk with a stick when you grow old. Youll want to be as active as possible. And thats why bodybuilding is so great.


These are not mainstream reasons for taking up bodybuilding. These serve as food for thought, youll start to think deeper about the whole thing. Introducing a new perspective can never be a bad thing. Especially when it comes to working out and your well being. Think about it.