4 outdoor design mistakes to avoid at all costs

4 outdoor design mistakes to avoid at all costs

When you move into a new house with a larger garden, patio, or conservatory, it is easy to be overwhelmed with your new-found outdoor space; you may find yourself bursting with ideas on what you can do with all the room and the wild parties that you could throw. Whilst this excitement is great, we recommend exercising some caution.

It is essential to keep in mind all the factors that could affect the outdoor components of your house. Say, you have a conservatory in your backyard that visibly needs some refurbishment or repairs. It should be your duty to ensure an extension to its lifespan and a lesser need for further repairs. You should insulate the roof with the help of professional services from Projects 4 Roofing or similar others to prevent rain damage, excess cold and better temperature regulation during summers. That being said, bringing in a professional into the picture could assure you better longevity and quality of work.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to see that there are no mistakes that could make you incur repeated expenses in the future. In today’s blog, we have a look at some of the design mistakes you should avoid when adding some feng-shui to your outdoor rooms; and how some subtle teak furniture and lighting can send you on the correct path from the beginning.

Mistake 1: not creating a focal point for the outdoor room

Setting out without a plan is rarely a good idea, and in the world of outdoor design, it can be catastrophic. Make sure you pick a space/item like a piece of teak furniture or water feature that you are going to make the focal point of your new outdoor space. This will give you a well-balanced area that will put everyone who enters it at ease.

Say that you have an existing patio that is spacious but not really appealing. Instead, it takes away from the overall beauty of your house because it lacks those elements that can contribute to the aesthetics of your property. This is perhaps because the style of the space is not in sync with the architectural design of the home. When faced with such a problem, homeowners usually go for structural changes in the patio, which can not only beautify the space but also make it more functional. If architectural alignment is not an issue, but the space still looks unattractive, you can give it a facelift and improve your patio by adding flowers, water features, sundials, or obelisks. These can act as focal objects that can add to the allure. of the patio.

Mistake 2: not adding furniture that matches the style you are going for

The next mistake a lot of people make is not adding furniture to the outdoor space that adds to the overall look you are going for. If you have a bespoke patio with elegant walkways, sticking some cheap plastic furniture as the seating will not look right. You need to add some more sophisticated seating such as furniture made from teak or oak to complete the look.

Alternatively, if you are on a bit of a shoestring budget, you may not benefit from expensive teak furniture. In this situation, it may be a better idea to invest in some cheaper furniture that fits well with the overall look. Just make sure it works!

Mistake 3: not treating the furniture that they do add to the garden

If you do add furniture that’s made from timber like teak, you should treat it. Whilst weathering may achieve the desired look, it can damage the timber over time especially if it is exposed to the elements frequently, leading us onto mistake number 4.

Mistake 4: not covering the furniture in the rainy seasons

Teak furniture is expensive, and whilst it can add a great focal point to the outdoor space, it may be wise to not leave it out there in the winter months. A) you will not be using the furniture as much and B) it will protect it from the cold and rain.

Avoid these 4 mistakes to develop the perfect outdoor space

When it comes to designing an outdoor space, you need to prioritise design and the maintenance of the area. You also need to make sure that any teak furniture you do put in the garden is well treated with the correct varnishes and oils. Make sure that the furniture you do order is from a reputable supplier. If you are starting with the best materials, the outdoor space that you end up will be as good as it can be.