4 Fun Ways to Reuse Printed Tissue Paper

4 Fun Ways to Reuse Printed Tissue Paper

It’s time to get out the glue. One way to get started is to recycle printed tissue paper and paper cups into fun sculptural art projects that are reminiscent of the work of Alison Bateman. Find out how you can creatively use this would-be waste material to create jewellery, sculpture and paper art.

Shatter-Proof Jewellery

1. To make jewellery, divide and sort the printed tissue paper into different sized shreds. Wrap a strand of jewellery wire around a wire ring and twist in several times to create a soft, shatter-proof link. Put the pieces together and lay the ring over a box that’s covered with printed tissue paper shreds to create a tray to hold jewellery tools, scrapbooks or your new favourite snack.

2. To sculpt art pieces out of the printed tissue paper shreds, twist wire around a tool that will create a flexible shape. Then glue the pieces together and wrap in printed tissue paper to form the sculpture. This is a perfect way to use old paper clips or paper clips. Use super glue to attach it to your jewellery trays or boxes. If you want a different look, add super glue dots on the sides to form a slight arch, or use staples and/or wood glue for thicker pieces.

Art Designs

3. When your jewellery pieces have dried, you can arrange them on a blank piece of canvas or parchment paper. Place an old magazine on top of the canvas or parchment paper and roll out the printed tissue paper with a large sewing needle. Pull the paper tight around the edge and then use a sharp pencil to trace a design onto the canvas or paper. Once the printed tissue paper is cut out, place the printed tissue paper design over the top of the canvas or paper. For smaller jewellery projects, paint the printed tissue paper or paint it over the scrapbook paper. For thicker pieces, layer the paper with printed tissue paper in an accordion formation and glue with super glue or paint.

4. To sculpt more substantial art pieces out of old printed tissue papers, shred smaller papers with scissors into small shreds and lay out the small pieces on a tray or cookie sheet. Add extra layers of shredded paper to create one large piece. Put the piece in an oven set at 150 degrees for a few hours to create a soft, shapeless sculpture. Then, set the piece in a warm, brightly lit room for a few days to make it glow. Finally, apply additional layers of super glue to the dried printed tissue paper, and glue on more printed tissue paper shreds, until the desired thickness of the piece is achieved.

Focus on Colour

Proceed with caution when using paint or printed tissue paper in art projects. Allowing paint to drip onto the surface of paper is an artful technique that comes with the responsibility of water conservation. Brush paper and printed tissue paper are the easiest materials for painting or writing with. As you apply paint, be mindful of the colour and tone of the canvas, paper, jewellery tray or jewellery box. It’s best to use the colours of the paint on the paper to match the shade and tone of the art project.