3 types of superfood

3 types of superfood

Taking care of our body is really important. Not only from the outside but also from the inside. There is a saying which is saying that our looks are determined on how we feel. For us to feel good it is important to eat the right food and vitamins. I am pretty sure that you have heard the term ‘superfoods’ before. I would like to help you with your journey for a better and healthier body and tell you something briefly about these amazing tips what you can do to have better body.


You don’t have to be super smart or new to the healthy word to know that beans and legumes in general are really healthy products. They are really high in nutrition and they if you are eating plant based diet than it is the perfect source of protein for you. They are also really high in fiber, which is good for a healthy digestion. Another good nutritions in beans are zinc, magnesium and iron. Also if you are living on the budget, you can buy bunch of cans with beans because they are not gonna be hurting your wallet at all.



If you don’t know eating a lot of greens are good for fiber and also to lower your cholesterol and just detox your body in general. The greens, which are dark the most are the healthiest. Which is kale and spinach. The vitamins which we can find in greens are potassium, calcium, lutein and much more. They are not also super expensive, so you can afford them. Also in this generation, if you are not fan of greens, you can find bunch of recipes online, which are gonna help you hide the greens in your meals, so you can’t taste them but still get the nutritions.



I think that you are not surprised that avocado is on the list. I feel like it is the most hipster vegetable ever and you can find it in most of the restaurants. Avocados are high in potassium, vitamins B5, K, C and B6. They are also good source of healthy fats, which are important in our diet. Healthy fats are helping our membranes and making our body cells works better. So it is a good idea to start of your diet with a healthy breakfast which would be avocado toast.



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