3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Home Exchange

3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Home Exchange

If you’re looking to save money on your upcoming travels, you may want to consider a home exchange. In this type of transaction, you find someone who lives in the place you’d like to visit and you stay at their home while they stay at your home. While this can be a great deal for many people, it can also cause some stress thinking about having a stranger staying at your home while you’re away. So to help make this a positive experience for everyone, here are three tips for preparing your home for a home exchange.

Lay Out Your Idea Of Security

Aside from making your home as cozy as you can for your guest, Jo Simmons, a contributor to Houzz.com, shares that you should also inform your guests as to what you want them to do regarding the security of your home. If you have an alarm system, be sure you give them either a guest code and that you share your codes with them and then change those codes once your guests have left. Additionally, let them know if you want them to keep doors and windows locked if there’s a gate they should keep closed, or if there’s anything else that you need them to do to ensure your property is safe and secure.

Clean It All Up

Just like you’d expect when you get to someone else’s house for a home exchange, you should leave your home as clean as you can. According to AK Turner, a contributor to the Huffington Post, this should include washing all the linens as well as not leaving anything in the trash or in the fridge that could go bad.

You want to give your guests the space they need in order to make your home comfortable for them, so clean up any clutter you have around. Give all dirty linens in the laundry and make sure that you receive them back in time. Similarly, get help from a professional cleaning crew to have your furniture, tabletops, counter-tops and carpet area cleaned properly. In case of the latter, you could inquire about if they can do Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning – it is a deep wash method meant to keep the carpet fibers clean for longer periods.

Share Valuable Information

Once your home is all set for your visitors to stay, Nick of HomeExchange.com recommends that you share any additional information that they may find valuable as visitors to your area. This could include anything that might make their stay more enjoyable but that they won’t be able to easily find in a guidebook or online. For example, you could share your personal favorite restaurants or places to see in your city, tips for traveling, and any ideas about events or other activities that they might enjoy while they’re there.

If you have a home exchange coming up, use the tips mentioned above to help you feel prepared for this new adventure.