3 Steps For Getting Out of a Rut

3 Steps For Getting Out of a Rut

Everyone goes through times in their lives when they feel less great than others.  For some people, it can be emotional, while for others, it may be financial.  Whatever kind of rut you may be experiencing, it can feel like your whole life is on hold.  You may feel like your wheels are spinning, and despite wanting to move forward you can’t seem to budge.

When you feel so powerless, it’s easy to start losing motivation to do the simplest of things.  Even something as easy as getting up in the morning can seem painfully difficult when you’re not feeling your best.

Despite these moments known as “ruts” feeling seemingly endless, the great news is that it won’t last forever.  By applying the right methods and steps, you can figure out how to reset your life and get motivated again.

Find the Reason

The first step to moving towards change is to realize what’s going on.  By recognizing that there is something behind your rut, you can start taking a closer look at what it is.  Start examining when you feel the most “stuck.”  Perhaps when you try to put on your favorite shirt and it’s too tight.  Maybe it’s time to lose some weight.  Perhaps it’s when you go to work.  Maybe it’s time to change jobs.  A little soul-searching usually leads to the answer of why you’re feeling the way that you do and offer a solution.

Create Goals

Once you have an idea of what’s going on and what you’d like to change, it’s time to start creating goals.  There’s something to be said for goal setting when you’re in a rut.  When you see what you’d like to achieve, you’re much more motivated to take corrective actions.

In addition to setting goals, don’t forget to measure your progress.  Goals are worthless without keeping track of how close you are to achieving them.

If you’re not progressing towards them, reassess where you can make changes and act accordingly. 

Take Baby Steps

Before you start trying to make sweeping changes in your life, it’s best to slow down and start small.  Small and gradual baby steps are much more manageable.  Try to start with one or two changes in your life, and make your way towards additional changes.

A lot of people get carried away too quickly trying to make changes in their lives and change too much at once.  The problem with this is that when you try to change too much too quickly, it can often be unsustainable and difficult to keep up with.

By limiting the number of things you try to change at once, you’ll have a much better chance at getting out of your rut and making positive changes in your life where it counts most!