3 Fun Activities to Do Within a Serviced Apartment

3 Fun Activities to Do Within a Serviced Apartment

Service apartments offer a guaranteed level of quality, cleanliness and consistency during a visit that is what you would expect from a hotel. They offer the cleanliness and security that a hotel offers, and are able to offer home-to-home options, equipped kitchens, comfortable living spaces and other sought-after facilities such as Airbnb.

The service industry is learning new patterns of behaviour in the hospitality industry, while people are discovering the experience they want from home when they are looking for accommodation. Apartment service providers can stand out from hotels and Airbnb, which means they can cater to the needs of a growing market. Service apartments are usually located in city centres close to major attractions and are ideal for easy transport and bus journeys.

Lovers’ Retreat and/or Indoor Game Nights

A Serviced Apartment is like a holiday apartment meets a hotel, combined with the best of both worlds. It gives apartment lovers something to enjoy if they run a professional business with all the extra amenities you would get from an Airbnb.

Whether you’re more of a Monopoly or a Cluedo, prepare for a fun night out where you let go of your inner child. Arrive at your vacation rental with your favourite cards and board games and get together to unleash your competitive side for the ultimate game night competition.

Socialise with other Guests and Staff

Service apartment employees tend to develop relationships with guests over a longer period of time than hotel guests, and many service apartments develop a culture of personal service and appreciation of the guest as an individual occupant of a room for up to 34 nights. Guests and visitors feel just as welcome in a service apartment as they do in a hotel, and the larger space and shared rooms offered by a service apartment are more suitable for entertainment than hotel rooms.

It is not just the ability to build personal relationships with employees that gives Serviced Apartments an advantage when it comes to people and their role in making a stay an experience. One of the advantages is that many service apartments offer common areas, laundry, gardens and much more, allowing guests to interact with other guests as they walk past each other in the hotel hallways.

Rediscover your Inner-Foodie

Service apartment operators may need fewer staff as there are no breakfast and kitchen areas, but accompanying staff can, for example, prove to be a step in the right direction for efficiency and change in the use of ground floor space. Service apartment guests may be looking for a different type of accommodation than a traditional hotel, but they are also looking for human touch in an age of increasing technology. Check-in, for example, does not always require a personal touch. Source ingredients locally and cook up a real storm!

The future of serviced apartments in areas like Bristol seems bright, and it is likely that more travellers will prefer them as soon as they become available. Serviced apartments have the potential to surpass hotel rooms if they are well managed and marketed.

You can use any kind of hotel or apartment management software as an apartment reservation system. Service apartment booking systems are easy to use and help ensure easy reservations for guests. Consider the benefits that hotel and apartment manager software can offer in your efforts to keep your unit full.

Services: Daily and weekly maid service, linen change, reception and concierge service, airport transfer assistance, restaurant activities and bookings. Additional perks for guests include a fitness centre and VIP lounge on site. Service: Apartment service rooms, wellness treatment rooms and restaurants are available.