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Creating a Living Environment Thats Scalable in Quality

Just how much value one can get out of investing in the quality of their life and their health is hugely dependent on their immediate environment and common living space, so while youre gradually transforming your immediate living environment as part of what is essentially a lifelong project, you should keep in mind how scalable the quality youre searching for is. In other words, five to ten years from now, will you perhaps still enjoy the same amount of fresh air-circulation considering factors such as perhaps endeavouring to knock down a specific wall or even section a certain portion of a room off to create an extra room? continue reading


Create an Inspirational Home Gym Space Youll Actually Use

No youre not crazy in your observation of how our living spaces seem to be diminishing in size, with time. The average home youd get today, whether its located in the suburbs or downtown, is considerably smaller than one of the same inflation-adjusted price you would have gotten a mere twenty years ago. So the question is, with such limited space, how can you effectively create a home gym space which will actually inspire you to keep at it with your training regime? continue reading


Ideal Modern Solutions for Those Suffering from Female Hair Loss

These days, hair replacement treatment is growing into a worldwide multi-billion pound trend. What with an increasing number of people wanting to look younger by the day, hair replacement has now become something practical when they find that their hair is beginning to thin. What is known as Hair loss is supposed to come from a hereditary process called androgenic alopecia in both men and women, although it is the males that usually suffer more than females. continue reading


Are Protein Shakes Safe For Teenagers?

High school students can be involved in many different competitive sports like swimming, football, baseball, cross country or basketball. Just like with the adult athlete, the teenager is looking for the edge that will take him/her to the next level. Protein shakes thus step in and offer many promises. It should come as no surprise to see how many teenagers are now using protein shakes in order to boost the game. continue reading


5 of the best exercises for joint pain

If you suffer from joint pain and are struggling to find an exercise that suits you, then follow our guide to getting active again. There are a few things to remember when doing any of these exercises, including making sure to warm up properly and doing a range of workouts to prevent overuse injury. Switching up how you workout prevents you putting too much pressure on one part of your body. Make sure to alternate between upper and lower body exercises, too. continue reading

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Genetic Predisposition & Effective Exercise

It is indeed subjective of course, but in the same way that the way someone looks and how attractive theyre considered to be is largely as a result of the outcome of the genetic lottery, your predisposition to the effectiveness of the exercise you engage in is also largely dependent on your genetics. Thats why some muscle heads who want to bulk up have to work up to three times harder than their peers training with weights in the gym, while some ladies will have you wondering just where all the food they eat goes since youd be the fattest person in town if you ate as much as they did. continue reading