The Veganuary Guide – Infographic

Veganism is to live a lifestyle where nothing you consume, use or wear derives from animals or any by-products. Veganism is considerably more popular than it used to be, in fact – it is estimated around 542,000 people aged 15 or over in the UK now are vegan, a rise of over 300% in just a decade. Deciding to go vegan involves a big lifestyle change for some, which is why choosing to participate in Veganuary, where you become vegan for the entirety of January, is now a common challenge to kick start the New Year. Many people are worried about their protein intake when ditching meat, but it couldnt be easier, as nuts, beans, seeds and veggies are all natural sources of protein, and vegan supplements are becoming better and more advanced. Considering 155,000 people are participating in Veganuary 2018, this year will definitely be breaking some records, with everyone having their own reasons for taking part as it slowly but surely becomes a part of the mainstream. continue reading